How do I log in?

This is a dealer platform - you can only log in if you are an existing customer. For your intitial logging you require a user name and a password. You can obtain both only by calling us at +49 (0) 9345 92030. We will than send both to the E-Mail address we already have in our system or to the E-Mail address that you provide us.
To the general public

Although this web site is generally a dealer platform - which is why you cannot see prices - you can get valuable information about our products. This includes the latest manual for your Weatherstation or Electronic Thermometer. Manuals can be found on the product level. You find a product best by searching it with the product code. The product code is on the backside of your packaging (since 2005). Older products can be found via (advanced) search also by their barcode.
KOCH Dealer Platform Online

Since September 2006 our old Web presence is replaced with our new platform that combines a dealer and end user information system with an ordering system for our existing customers. The general public is able to see all standard items (w/o prices) and download manuals where available. Logged in Dealers can see their prices and terms and are able to order and monitor issued PO's and their PO history.
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